Residential TV Aerial and Satellite TV SERVICES

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Residential Satellite TV and TV Aerial services

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Residential TV services

Newly installed aerial and satellite dish to a chimney stack


TV Aerial Repairs and Installations

We stock a range or aerials covering the complete UHF spectrum which is channels 21 through to 60. We test for the best optimum signal reception by using a high-quality digital spectrum meter, then advise you where the best possible location and position will be for TV aerial installations in Lewes, which is either to your chimney stack, an external side wall or into your loft space.

If required, we will boost the signal reception by the means of installing a setback amplifier or masthead amplifier with a separate power supply to help boost week or poor signal reception.

Our van is always equipped with stock ready for any job large or small, residential to commercial first time new installs or upgrades resolving poor signal reception problems or simply adding to an existing system already fitted.

Newly installed satellite dish to a flint wall


Satellite Dishes supplied and fitted

We have a variety of satellite dishes and LNB’s available in stock for satellite repairs if need be. Our standard satellite dish installation consists of a 43cm satellite dish with quad LNB included (offering four points of connection). We also stock Octo LNB’s (offering eight points of connection), which are used for all satellite TV services I.E. SKY, Freesat and European TV.

We also stock satellite dishes made from a variety of materials such as fibreglass, aluminium, and steel, depending on where you live in Sussex these may suit your needs better. We test for the best optimum signal reception by using a high-quality digital spectrum meter, then advise you where the best possible location and position will be for installing the new satellite dish, which is either to an external side wall or your chimney stack.


European Satellite TV

European satellite TV installations require a satellite dish usually between sizes of 60 to 90 cm, this ensures optimum signal reception is received using a compatible satellite receiver, the satellite dish needs to be directed at any one of the following satellites (Hot bird, Turksat, Eutelsat and Astra 1 or 3 providing free to air TV services. The dish is aligned using a high-quality digital spectrum meter.

Newly installed CCTV cameras


CCTV - home security systems

NuDigital provides new CCTV systems to property whether it be for residential customers or a commercial business/s. We offer multiple systems from basic 1x 1080p camera system up to systems with 32x cameras.

We also provide made to measure cabling for either Ethernet and BNC/coaxially connected camera systems, or if the provided cabling is not adequate for the job specification.

The CCTV systems we offer our customers have the ability to record internally to a hard disk drive, or we can set up the off-site recording feature which enables video and sound recordings backup to cloud storage.

New CCTV systems also have/ provide the ability to be connected to mobile phones and tablets (Android and iPhone) and many computers desktop or laptop and lastly your living room TV if you wish, giving you remote viewing from anywhere you wish, peace of mind where ever you are.

with advances in technology, it's making it extremely harder for intruders to enter your property undetected.

Newly fitted TV bracket with TV attached


Professional TV mounting

We have extensive experience in TV installation. NuDigital offers professional TV mounting services with a choice of TV brackets, ranging from fixed to full motion brackets to suit any location, NuDigital TV services will advise you about the most suitable, cost-effective bracket that is available and explain exactly what the differences are between fixed or full motion TV brackets, giving you the opportunity to choose the correct TV bracket to suit your environment.

NuDigital TV service offers larger brackets for TV installations mounted in your living room or bedroom, and smaller brackets for kitchens etc. We can also mount TV’s into waterproof lockable enclosures in gardens, fixed to an external wall, keeping your TV safe and secure and ready for your enjoyment when required.


Projector and Screen Installation

We have installed many projectors and screen systems throughout East and West Sussex, with many choices of projector and screens available, we will advise you which is the best suitable cost-effective system for you. We fit ceiling TV mounting and TV wall mounting, TV brackets to suit your desired location (where structurally possible), setup and fully configure the whole system.

We have connected projectors system to Freeview, Freesat and SKY set-top boxes providing real-time TV, as well as simply installed, setup and made ready to be connected to a computer when required).  We have fitted these systems in many locations such as public houses, function rooms, and residential homes as well as commercial buildings.

ubiquiti wifi extender displayed


WIFI access Services

We stock Ubiquiti unifi lite and pro unifi access points providing a greatly improved, larger WIFI coverage area throughout your home or office. These next-generation WIFI extenders allow more WIFI devices to connect at any one time, whereas home routers supplied by large companies when broadband is supplied are capped which causes buffering and slow internet connectivity, very frustrating. The Ubiquiti access points (Lite and Pro) can help boost your WIFI coverage area from 60 meters from just a single device being installed. The Pro model even further. Ubiquiti Lite and Pro models can be added to, for example by adding three device's this will increase your WIFI area further and further to whatever coverage area you require and can be configured to work in conjunction as one Unifi WIFI network.

IRS system diagram image


Integrated Reception System

IRS provides multiple sources typically terrestrial digital aerial and satellite TV, as well as DAB and FM radio signals distributed by the means of multiroom cabling to multiple outlets (sockets/points) throughout your property or across a communal building by using a single digital aerial, satellite or DAB and FM aerials. By installing an IRS system it sends multiple signals through one cable to each point, so no need for multiple cables to be installed to each and every point, although SKY HD+ or Freesat+ does require two cables to every point allowing the feature of recording one channel whilst watching another, making it the most suitable solution for distribution throughout your home, communal or commercial building. 

Communal TV Aerial and Satellite TV services