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Freeview TV channel re-tuning information date's

Freeview service updates for Meridian 2019, a number of Freeview channels are on the move


From Monday 13 May some Channel 4 channels are moving to a new home.

The moves will take place at 11.00am, after this to view them in their new positions you may need to retune your TV.

If you need help tuning your TV please visit www.freeview.co.uk/retune

What’s changing…

E4 is moving from channel 28 to 13

Film4 is moving from channel 15 to 14

Ch4+1 is moving from channel 13 to 15

More4 is moving from channel 14 to 18

E4+1 is moving from channel 29 to 28

4Music is moving from channel 18 to 29


Lewes FC support and save member and owner 10% discount

10% discounts offered for all domestic, residential and commercial clients

NuDigital is proud to offer a 10% discount for all Lewes FC support and save members also club owners, all of our services are discounted, Whether it is domestic, communal or a commercial solution. NuDigital is here to help. If you expect a professional expert, reliable solution, with 100% attention to detail, as well as a great cost-effective solution for all of your TV and WIFI needs, such as: Freeview, Youview, BT Vision, Freesat and SKY TV services as well as CCTV, WIFI (access point/s), mobile phone signal reception booster system/s, TV brackets supplied and fitted (wall and ceiling), multi-room services (Coax, Ethernet Cat5/ 6 or HDMI cabling) then NuDigital is here to advise and help you. "NuDigital" a Lewes family business, local to you, "proud supporters of Lewes FC". 


More information Lewes FC members/ owners support and save initiative



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The Grand Tour - season 3, hold on, coming soon


Clarkson, Hammond and May will return for season 3 of The Grand Tour on Friday, January 18 - Prime Video.

The first full trailer for season 3 features Hammond is once again risking one of his nine lives as he struggles to keep his Jeep on a tiny bridge over a steep canyon in Colombia, the three comrades taking on epic challenges in Detroit and Nevada, visits to Mongolia and China, Jeremy and Abbie are attempting an unusual snowy challenge in Sweden, and James May plays the bagpipes in Scotland, along with a tour of the Stansted Airport. "Available on Prime Video"

The Grand Tour - season 3, hold on tight

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are back for another season of adventure and idiocy, travelling the world to drive everything from hypercars and Italian classics to RVs and American muscle. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to rampage around the globe with your most entertaining friends, don't ask these three. They find each other very annoying.


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